Shut up brain!!!

Seriously. Its in overdrive. Its so stupid. I wish I could turn it off. We're attempting Grays and Torrey's this coming Saturday (weather permitting) and I'm already psyching myself out about why I won't be able to do it. 


The story of the girl & boy who took BRCS for a 2nd time (and the stupidest mistake I've ever made with a camera)

Last year, Andy and I took Basic Rock Climbing School with the Colorado Mountain Club. It was in this class that I learned I have a fear of heights. It was completely new to me, and I had absolutely no experience with being in a harness and climbing or repelling. I really came to enjoy climbing, but during the class, my fear took the wheel. I was terrified of absolutely everything I tried.


Mt Morrison. Training Hike #6

On the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, we were planning on climbing with our friends Chris and Jess at Table Mountain. None of us had been there, and there are several options for top-roping. Unfortunately, it rained the night before and we figured the rock would be too wet and too cold to climb. We decided to all head out to Mt Morrison, since Andy and I had planned on climbing it on Sunday.


Bear Peak: Guardians of the Flatirons. Training Hike #5

That big red circle in the above picture is a loose estimation of our route.

Bear Peak was an incredible hike, but it definitely gave us a run for our money. And by run, I mean a slow hobbling back to the car after 8 hrs, missing our trail junction, and running out of water.


Green Mountain: Guardians of the Flatirons. Training Hike #4

Hovering over Chautauqua Park in Boulder, are 3 prominent mountains. Green Mountain, Bear Peak, and South Boulder Peak. These three mountains make up The Guardians of the Flatirons, and are connected through the  Chautauqua Park and NCAR trailheads, by a massive winding trail system.



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