Plymouth Mountain. Training Hike #2

Training Hike #2 turned out to be easier than #1. So much for my “increasing in difficulty” goal. It came out on top in the beauty department though. Plymouth Mountain is located in Deer Creek Canyon which is just south of Ken Caryl Valley. Both feature a mix of forest and rock formations and offer a great trail system easily accessed from metro Denver.


Val at the top of Plymouth Mountain

Mt Falcon via Castle Trail. Training Hike #1

The Castle Trail on Mt Falcon is a great place to start to see how you handle elevation gain. I wanted to know just where I stood with regards to elevation gain vs time. The majority of 14ers in the front range can be done in one day, provided you can keep a steady pace to get yourself up and down before 2pm (the witching hour of thunderstorms).



Fear is new to me. At least it feels new to me. We all feel fear at different times in our life. Looking back, it seems as if I didn’t experience much of it. I guess that shouldn't be a complaint. Finding out I’m afraid of heights while taking a rock climbing class felt completely foreign to me. It actually made me mad. I didn’t want to be afraid. I just wanted to be good at this new thing I was trying out. But fear doesn’t really cater to our desires. And thats a good thing.


Fear is a dirty little bitch.

14er Training Hikes Close to Denver

This spring has been hiketastic for the Hawks! I found some great tips on with regards to good elevation gain training hikes within a close proximity to Denver. I mapped them out based on their level of difficulty, starting with the easiest, and have ticked off 3/4ths of my list so far.


Don't stop before you start.

2014 and a New Mindset

So I have asthma. And I’m scared of heights. You know what seems like a perfect pastime for me? Climbing mountains! Ha! But seriously, it is. I love it. I love hiking and I love rock climbing and I love that Andy and I share this passion and came to it together. Hiking and climbing with my best friend feels like such a gift. I literally trust him with my life when he belays me and vice versa. He is very strong in the mountains and on our hikes and he pushes me to try harder.


Push Yourself


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