2014 and a New Mindset

So I have asthma. And I’m scared of heights. You know what seems like a perfect pastime for me? Climbing mountains! Ha! But seriously, it is. I love it. I love hiking and I love rock climbing and I love that Andy and I share this passion and came to it together. Hiking and climbing with my best friend feels like such a gift. I literally trust him with my life when he belays me and vice versa. He is very strong in the mountains and on our hikes and he pushes me to try harder.


Push Yourself

Whaaaaaaat? I have asthma?

After the Quandary incident I was more defeated than ever. Here I was a newfound lover of the mountains. I had a real passion for it. And I couldn’t do it. Something was wrong with me. Maybe I could never be at altitude. Maybe I would never be “fit” enough to climb above 10,000 feet. Maybe I was a loser to ever think I had any right to be out there in the first place. (Negative self talk, its a peach, ain’t it?)


Val has a nice face

Quandary Peak & a CMC Medical Incident Report

After a so/so trip up Grays Peak, we were at it again a week later with an attempt at Quandary. In order to get into the Basic Mountaineering School with the Colorado Mountain Club, we needed two C-Level hikes under our belt. Our grad hike with our Wilderness Trekking School counted as one, and we needed to tick off one more. Our WTS head instructor Marc Borai was leading a trip up Quandary and we decided to join. There were a few other students from WTS in this group, and we knew it would be fun. Marcs a blast (and shares Andys love of Star Wars), and we drug Jamie along on this one as a guest.


Quandary Views

Grays and Torreys...almost

Fresh off of our WTS class, and our BRCS class, I began thinking about 14ers. I’d started working out again, getting in better shape, and was ready to get back in the mountains. Grays Peak is known as one of the easiest 14ers. Dish Network led a team building event for its employees up it, and it has been loosely discussed as a potential option for a wheelchair route (would need some serious breaks on the chair though!). Figuring this would be “easy”, the appeal of Grays is the ability to bag two peaks at once and summit its connecting neighbor, Torreys. With our 14er friend Jamie, we headed up on June 22nd, 2013. Unlike the other 14ers we’d done, we were far better prepared for this one. We had our 10 essentials. We knew what to expect. We hit the trail head early. We were ready to go.


Andy and Val on the summit of Grays Peak

Basic Rock Climbing School. And finding out I have a fear of heights.

Andy really wanted to take rock climbing school. I was hesitant. It seemed dangerous. I just never had an interest in it. I had no knowledge of how it worked, and just saw it as something that involved unnecessary risk. But in my new found “look what I can do” attitude coming off of a great WTS class, I went along with him and committed myself to the course.


Val and the CMC Climbing Wall


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