Wilderness Trekking School with the CMC

I was really hesitant and nervous about taking Wilderness Trekking School (WTS) for a multitude of reasons. Among which was, I was afraid of the group setting. I’m not 100% introverted, but I do know that as an adult, more often than not when placed in a group, someone in the group will be an obnoxious jerk. And my patience with the obnoxious jerk would wear thin, and I would not enjoy the class. Thank goodness that didn’t happen.


The Colorado Mountain Club is Magical

14ers.com is the most comprehensive on-line resource for all things Colorado 14ers. You can find anything you need to know. From route descriptions and pictures, recent trip reports and trail head conditions, to tips and training advice, its all there. Once Andy and I had two 14ers under our belts, we knew we wanted to do more, and I have been on 14ers constantly ever since. Every summer, without fail, people will die while climbing Colorado 14ers. Its the nature of the beast. The mountains are unpredictable, and even the best training and preparation can not compete with being in the wrong place at the wrong time. 


Climbing at the CMC climbing wall.

The Beginning

I was never outdoorsy. In fact, I was the opposite; a city girl. I never camped, or hiked (save for the few times with my family as a kid), and not only didn’t I have an interest in the outdoors, I despised them. I didn’t want to be uncomfortable, and there was no doubt that being “outdoors” was out of my comfort zone. 



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