14er Training Hikes Close to Denver

Don't stop before you start.

This spring has been hiketastic for the Hawks! I found some great tips on 14ers.com with regards to good elevation gain training hikes within a close proximity to Denver. I mapped them out based on their level of difficulty, starting with the easiest, and have ticked off 3/4ths of my list so far.

*disclaimer: All of these numbers are calculated to the best of my ability and using multiple on-line resources. Please note: I suck at math. Royally. But I do track elevation on my hikes using an altimeter, and so far, they’re only 20-30 feet off of the estimate. Andy also tracks them, and his altimeter is about 20 ft off of mine, and everything seems to be consistent.

Mt Falcon via Castle Trail (Competed Saturday April 12) Note: We've done this hike multiple times throughout the spring because its so quick and close to home.
Start Elevation: 6100ft
End Elevation: 7851ft
Round Trip Mileage: 5.82
Gain: 1751ft in 2.91 miles (601ft/1mile)

Plymouth Mountain (Completed Saturday April 19)
Start Elevation: 5995ft
End Elevation: 7295ft
Round Trip Mileage: 5.7 miles
Gain: 1300ft in 2.85 miles (456ft/1mile)

Carpenter Peak (Completed Saturday May 10)
Start Elevation: 6160ft
End Elevation: 7230ft
Round Trip Mileage: 6.4
Gain: 1070ft in 3.2 miles (334ft/1mile)

Green Mountain (Guardians of the Flatirons) (Attempted Saturday May 10)
Start Elevation: 5710ft
End Elevation: 8144ft
Round Trip Mileage: 5.45
Gain: 2288ft in 2.725 miles (839ft/1mile)

Bear Peak via Fern Canyon (Completed Saturday May 18)
Start Elevation: 6104ft
End Elevation: 8461ft
Round Trip Mileage: 7.6
Gain: 2998ft in 3.3 miles (908ft/1mile)

Mt Morrison (Completed Saturday May 24th)
Start Elevation: 5934ft
End Elevation: 7884ft
Round Trip Mileage: 3.6 miles
Gain: 1950ft in 1.8 miles (1083ft/1mile)

South Boulder Peak (Completed Saturday June 14)
Start Elevation: 5600ft
End Elevation: 8549ft
Round Trip Mileage: 5
Gain: 2944ft in 2.5 miles (1177ft/1mile)

Cathedral Spires (Closed until July for Raptor nesting)
Start Elevation: 6543ft
End Elevation: 8520ft
Round Trip Mileage: 4 miles
Gain: 1977ft in 2 miles (988ft/1mile)

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